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The Resume section for this  account is available for viewing.

This account has been disable due to storage issues.  They are requesting for an upgrade. However their support has not responded. Therefore, I was not able to upload Masters ePortfolio into this site.

ePortfolio has been linked to the BeBeDezign WordPress account.  I am uploading The ePortfolio Table of Content with a Hyperlink to the Adobe Acrobat Masters ePortfolio listed under the EIDT 6910 Masters Capstone at the bottom of this page.



BeBeec - Copy - Copy       ePortfolio  for   Master

Bridget Chappell-McKinney

(602) 487-0668

                                     Masters Instructional

                            Design & Technology Projects


EIDT 6100         EIDT 6110: Instructional Design  {Intro to ADDIE}

  1. Group3 Final Project  
  2. Group Logo By Bridget Chappell


EIDT 6110      Advanced Instructional Design (Instructional Module)                               

  1. 21st Century EDU Final Project(Prezi
  2. 21st Century EDU Final Project Reassessment(Prezi)


EIDT 6120   Multimedia Design and Development

  1. Final Project (Learning Object)
  2. Learning Object AECT Standard Scoring Rubric
  3. WK7 Final Project {Learning Objects}Grading Rubric
  4. WK8 Discussion/Video-Capture


EIDT 6130: Program Evaluation (Program Evaluation Plan)

  1. Statement of Work
  2. Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Resource Allocation Plan


EDUC 6135   Distance Learning (Online Orientation)

  1. Invitation To Coursesite SIT-3500 Safety Training
  2. Project Documentation
  3. Scoring Rubric w/Feedback for the entire Final Project
  1. Defining Distant Learning {Blog}

Converting F2F into a Distance Learning Format {Information Guide}

  1. CMS-Orientation w/Documentation

                                                                 CourseSites by BlackBoard

 EDUC 6145  Project Management (Project Plan)

  1. Final Project { Weekly Assignments Combined }
  2. Final Scoring Rubric
  3. Required WordPress Blogs
  4. Postmortem
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Plagiarism
  7. Analyzing Scope Creep



EDIT 6510  Online Instructional Strategies

  1. Weekly WordPress Blogs
  2. Welcome Orientation Video

                 {EDUC 6135 Final Project}


EDIT 6511    Assessments in Online Environment

  1. Designing Written Assessments
  2. Designing Performance Assessments
  3. Assessment Technology Tool-box
  4. Developed Scoring Rubric for all Exercises


EIDT 6910    Masters Degree  ePortfolio






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